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Welder Schools

Are you interested in becoming a welder?

In the field of welding there are several different specialties that can be learned and perfected. Beginning with basic welding the particular types of welding fall into different categories such as Fitter welders, Construction welders and Arc and Plasma cutting.

Why become a welder?

If you've ever driven down city streets and looked around and wondered what it took to create such intricate buildings and structures, welding most likely played a big part in your city. Imagine, years from now, being able to show off the work you've done as a skilled welder. Family and friends will be impressed at the finished product you helped to create and they will be able to think of you with a great sense of pride. The ability to create something and get paid for it is a feeling unlike any other. If a structure is standing upright and holding its form, it most likely has been touched by some type of welding. Without skilled welders, much of the beauty we see in cities would not have been possible.

What will you earn as a welder?

According to the U.S. National average, a welder can expect to start out at $25,000 a year with experienced welders earning around $44,000 a year. The median income of a welder is about $35,000 a year with the majority of welders earning an hourly wage. Depending on the job location a welder can expect to easily surpass the 40-hour work week. The job outlook for welders is something to think about as modern technology begins to exceed human labor. With that being said, many of the jobs that a welder can do are unable to be matched by any type of machine. Welders that are willing to maintain a high level of skill through education are more likely to be successful.

Where type of setting do you want to work in?

As a welder, there are various job descriptions for each type of welding. Do you want to work outdoors in the elements, sometimes at great heights? Consider being a Construction welder and you will have to opportunity to see the sights from up high on a scaffold while doing your work on tall buildings, bridges and other high-standing structures. In opposition, Fitter welders can be found in all different locations including factories or on-location where something is being created or repaired on ground level. Fitter welders can expect to take part in fabrication, assembly and repair on various jobs.

How do you become a highly-skilled welder?

There are many options for becoming a welder including a wide choice of welder schools and welder colleges. These specialized schools focus on the trade at hand and can specialize in teaching each student exactly what they will need to know to succeed in any of the above mentioned welding specialties. When deciding between the options of welder schools and welder colleges, take into account your own schedule and financial needs. Each school has their own way of accommodating even the busiest of students.

Top Welder Schools
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