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Carpenter Schools

Becoming a carpenter is a great career, but how do you learn to be a carpenter? There are several ways that you can pursue a career as a carpenter such as getting a certificate in carpentry. You do not have to just take a job and struggle to learn as you go. Now there are trade schools, vocational and technical schools. Graduates of a certificate program are qualified for entry-level work on commercial construction positions, residential remodeling jobs and servicing resources. The certificate program can be finished in about six months.

A certified carpenter might work as a: carpenter assistant, drywall installer, roofer, siding installer and more. Students often complete a hands-on project as part of a carpentry course.

Carpentry is one of the largest of the trade professions in the construction and remodeling industries. Thus, there is a constant demand for carpenters which seems certain to continue for the foreseeable future. Carpenter schools prepare students with potential by instructing them in the skills and knowledge they need to be a success in the construction industry.

Some carpenters work as independent contractors for clients on specific projects, while others are hired by firms as a statutory employee.

Some study on the following topics are also mandatory for carpentry students:

� Safety procedures for carpenters
� Carpentry fundamentals
� Worksite preparation
� Method for frame and trim
� Reading construction design

Safety procedures for carpenters are certainly important, as you will be using saws, hammers and nails and do not forget pieces of lumber that may fall or be dropped from within the work area. Essential facets of carpentry such as cutting materials at the right size and making sure different pieces of the whole fit together perfectly. Worksite preparation is also quite important, like making sure nails are not protruding from a surface where someone might step on one. Also you should know how large bundles of material for the project should be placed for safe and fast pick up. Blueprint reading will also be quite helpful and is something any carpenter should know.

It is encouraging that there are carpenter schools for students who are interested in learning carpentry and taking up the trade as a career. Carpenters are generally paid quite well and, of course, the more you learn, the easier it will be to get a good job with good pay. The average yearly pay for all carpenters was $42,940 in 2008.

The future of carpentry jobs looks bright up to at least 2018. There will be thousands of jobs, as the demand is large and constantly growing and people continually come and go as in almost any occupation. The weather does have a great influence on when carpenters can work or not. The availability of carpenter jobs also depends on what part of the country a person lives in. Also, construction jobs go where business and people go and business is doing well. Thus, the number of carpenter jobs in any year will differ from area to area.

There are also carpenter colleges where you can earn an Associate of Applied Science in a Carpentry program. Associate Degree programs at carpenter colleges often require some of the other courses such as a Certificate or a Diploma. Carpenter School applicants for a diploma must have a high school diploma or a GED.

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