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Drafting Schools

Every time you look at a building or a table, there was someone who made a model drawing to depict how the item would look. How would you like to be the person who drew and created that model? Learning the principles and techniques of drafting at one of the accredited drafting technology colleges will put you on the road to a career as a drafting expert.

Drafting Technology Training

drafting technologyThe study of drafting technology focuses on creating drawings and models of three-dimensional buildings and other items. The student focuses on the math and drawing techniques that are required to make these models. Students also use computer assisted drafting programs that allow easy and instant revision of the designs.

Drafting Technology Courses

Students in drafting technology schools work towards a degree, generally an associate's degree that can lead to a bachelor's degree in drafting technology. The general focus of the coursework is to teach students the basics of interpreting specifications and estimating materials for a design. Students learn how to draw plans on paper as well as using a computer. Students will use their learned technical skills in planning, drawing the idea, and making a computer model for buildings, but also for items such as machines and airplanes. Students learn how to develop ideas for constructing buildings, products, and even dams. It is an exciting career with unlimited potential to create just about everything we see.

Courses the student will study include:

  • Architectural design functions
  • Architectural history
  • Drafting
  • Building codes
  • Construction materials
  • Structural and architectural drafting
  • Drafting methods in technology
  • Computer assisted drafting
  • Engineering design graphics
  • Machine drafting
  • Technical drawing
  • Product design

Drafting technology colleges offer programs that focus on the intensive coursework along with hands-on experience in using drafting standards, symbols and nomenclature. Students also get hands-on experience in the computer laboratory using hardware and software programs similar to what will be used when they obtain a job.

These courses are technical in nature, and require dedication, attention to detail, and a strong desire to create and achieve something substantial. Careers in the field include Junior Drafter, CAD Specialist, Architectural Design Assistant, or even an Engineer's Assistant.

Preparing for Drafting Technology School

Are you attentive to detail and interested in how things are put together? Do you work well with a team and can focus concentrate on a task for long amounts of time? If so, a career in drafting technology could be ideal. Students in high school should prepare themselves for drafting technology schools by taking classes in geometry, industrial arts, computer assisted drafting, and drafting and technical drawing. A course in physics would be beneficial, as well.

Top Drafting Schools
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