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Drafting Technician Schools

Are you interested in becoming a drafting technician? Do you enjoy construction, architecture, design, or working with computers? Would you love a career where you get to design new things every day? If so, you may be interested in a career as a drafting technician.

What does a drafting technician career entail?

Drafting technicians work with architects, engineers, and contractors to help design new buildings and objects. You will likely work closely with a computer program like AutoCAD to design things and create blueprints for construction, which workers use to construct buildings or manufacture products. Drafting technicians are essential for the construction and manufacturing industries, particularly as planning and design become more complicated.

What opportunities are available for drafting technicians?

Drafting technicians are employed by architects, engineering firms, construction contractors, industrial conglomerates, manufacturers, and more. There are a wide variety of tasks available for drafting technicians, but they all have in common the design and production of real world objects -- anything from small tools to large buildings. Many job opportunities will be found near large cities where architectural and engineering firms are located, but there are a variety of opportunities in smaller towns across the country for graduates of drafting technician schools.

What is the future job outlook for drafting technicians?

Business is booming in construction and manufacturing. Construction is up 13% in 2011 and manufacturing has increased by almost 23%. That translates into high demand for the products that drafting technicians help design. Jobs are also becoming increasingly technological and specialized, which has created increased demand for skilled workers like those trained in drafting technician schools.

What salary can drafting technicians expect?

Your salary will depend on the type of drafting and the location you choose, but entry-level drafting technicians make anywhere from $400-600 per week. Higher salaries will be likely if you have experience or specialized training, like the kind you may receive in drafting technician colleges.

Is there room to advance in a drafting technician career?

As you gain more experience with drafting technology and specific design programs, your salary may increase to match your new skills. Architectural and engineering firms constantly need drafting technicians to make their designs into usable drafts, which means your knowledge is valuable to those firms as you become more experienced. Getting a degree from drafting technician colleges may be another way to earn a promotion in this growing occupation.

What type of degree do I need?

Degrees from drafting technician schools will give you a boost in this career. Working with specialized computer programs and design systems will require some study and training, probably with hands-on experience actually designing things using the programs. Drafting technician colleges can help you build the skills you need to be successful in this career; you may even work closely with well-trained faculty who specialize in the field. You will be sure to leave these programs well prepared for a drafting technician career.

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