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Biology Schools

Earning a degree from one of the many biology schools around the nation is an exciting way to become involved in one of the largest-growing scientific industries while learning valuable skills. Biology colleges allow you to learn about the science of life, and train for one of many careers, including lab technician, teacher, zoologist, botanist, or molecular biologist.

Are you interested in obtaining a degree in biology? It is often helpful to know ahead of time what types of courses biology schools offer and what the program will entail.

There are many types of courses you can take while earning a biology degree. Generally, core work in general biology, as well as knowledge of chemistry, physics, and mathematics will be required, since these provide the fundamentals for understanding biology both as a theoretical science and for its practical applications. Depending on the type of biology degree you wish to earn will determine your upper-division courses. A molecular biology degree will require genetics, cellular biology, and developmental biology classes, whereas an environmental biology degree will require courses in zoology, environmental law, and animal behavior. Similarly, marine biology degrees and other specialty degrees will require courses specific to the field of study.

In addition to coursework, many biology colleges emphasize the importance of hands-on experience. This can involve lab sections that go along with lecture courses, or fieldwork for marine biology or botany courses. These lab courses will help you learn skills that you'll use in your future career, such as learning how to run gel electrophoresis in a molecular biology lab, or collect soil samples and analyze bacterial DNA using a polymerase chain reaction for an environmental biologist. Additionally, many degree programs can give you the opportunity to work as an intern in a laboratory; not only will this help impart useful lab techniques, you'll also learn about what duties are expected of researchers, and make valuable contacts in the scientific world that can help you in your educational and professional life.

Careers in biology are among the most exciting jobs available, precisely because they allow you to pursue a vocational goal that is tailored to your interests. If you wish to work with animals, plants, or any other form of life, earning a degree at one of the many great biology schools in the nation is your first step toward a thrilling and rewarding career path.

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