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Dental Assisting Schools

The primary job of a dental assistant is to make patients feel at ease and to help the dentist while he is treating patients. Assistants will provide tools to the dentist as he needs them, and medicine to relieve the patient's pain during treatment. Many assistants also perform office and lab-related tasks.

dental assisting schoolsWhat are the prerequisites to these programs? The requirements for attending dental assisting colleges are relatively easy. Before students attend any dental assisting schools, they simply need to have a high-school diploma, and should have completed some science and basic computer courses.

What does the training involve? For those people who would like training in dental assisting, there are many dental assisting colleges of which they can choose. Some basic courses to begin with include health education, biology and chemistry. Training programs not only include classroom instruction, but they include laboratory instruction and preclinical instruction, as well.

These programs will teach students such things as how to prepare patients for treatments, how to take x-rays, how to maintain dental records, how to sterilize dental equipment, how to prepare the dentist's trays, how to provide after-treatment instructions to patients, and how to teach patients about proper dental hygiene. Students will also learn certain lab procedures such as how to prepare materials for impressions or restorations and how to process x-ray negatives.

On-the-job training keeps students informed of all the latest technology and helps them to become familiarized with all the equipment and procedures of a dental clinic. Students will learn everything involved with dental assisting and all the terminology by working closely with experienced dentists and their assistants. This hands-on training also shows students how to care for patients properly, how to schedule appointments and filing and billing processes.

Now, one may be asking; "Do these programs take a long time to complete?" The answer to this question is no. Students can earn their certificates in just one year, or they can choose to go for the two-year program and get their associate degrees.

In conclusion, the requirements to begin training in dental assisting schools are relatively easy. Students simply need to have their high-school diploma, and should have completed some courses in science and basic computer. In just a year, students can complete their programs and get their certificates; or they can opt to go for the two-year program and get their associate degree. On-the-job training is terrific in that it teaches students everything involved in dental assisting, and it helps them get on the right path to their chosen career.

Top Dental Assisting Schools
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