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Dental Assistant Schools

Are you interested in becoming a Dental Assistant?

When considering a career as a Dental Assistant the first thing to think about is what the job actually entails. Working as a Dental Assistant is a fast-paced, patient-oriented profession. While it is true that most of the functions preformed on a daily basis are technical and routine procedures, the Dental Assistant must realize that patient care is a priority. Many times the Dental Assistant is the first person the patient sees from being greeted, led into the procedure room, and having x-rays taken among other things. It is up to the Assistant to realize that many patients put off dental work due to fear of the dentist; it is then the Assistant's job to help make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed for the procedure that is about to occur.

Not all of the Dental Assistant's duties are in direct contact of the patient. After they have schooled the patient on proper hygiene and perhaps scheduled their next appointment, the Assistant is off to perform other independent routine tasks out of the site of the patient population. Some of these tasks may include sterilizing the dental environment and coordinating with suppliers to ensure proper delivery of much needed supplies.

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Along with the daily routine of the Dental Assistant, it is often a part of their daily job to assist the dentist in various procedures. The dentist only has two hands and they are both usually preoccupied in the patients mouth so he or she is dependent on the Dental Assistant to provide him with the appropriate tools and materials the moment they are asked for. With that being said, the Dental Assistant must be up to date and fully trained on all modern dental devices and equipment so that the procedure goes flawlessly.

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The best way to obtain training to become a Dental Assistant is through a certified schooling program. Dental assistant schools may fall under the category of career schools, technical schools or dental assistant colleges. Many colleges offer this program in a condensed curriculum, making it possible for working students to attend and successfully complete even with a busy schedule.

Looking for an in-demand career that offers a growing paycheck?

With over a quarter million jobs held in 2009, graduates of Dental Assistant schools are growing right along with the health care industry in being one of the remaining career fields to maintain upward growth in job opportunities. The job outlook for this particular career has remained strong due to the constant need for dental care throughout the country. Upon graduating from dental assistant colleges, Dental Assistants can expect to make a salary starting around $12 an hour which can surpass $20 an hour with time and experience. The average Dental Assistant makes between $30,000 and $36,000 a year. As their experience grows, so does the income. Top Dental Assistants can expect to earn up to $39,000 a year.

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