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Political Science Schools

There is a renewed interest in political science careers due to the political landscape changing after the 2008 elections. More people are interested in politics as the nation shifts its political alliances and new, grass root political parties are being started. Are you interested in this exciting field? If so,now is the time to join these historic political times, and pursue one of the many degrees available in political science.

political science schoolsThere are several different political science schools programs that a student can pursue, which is why many schools offer the standard bachelor's degree in political science, but also offer associate's degrees and certificate programs. A student interested in furthering their studies can also obtain a master's degree and a doctorate degree in political science. Imagine studying the exciting fields of administrative theory and regulatory policy as part of the curriculum to obtain a political science degree. There is even a nonprofit law niche in the field.

A political science degree will focus on public policy and the origins of the political system. Some students major in political science as an entry into law school, while others desire to practice public service. Political science schools design their programs to fit the student's ultimate goals.

Political Science Course Work

If a student is interested in a bachelor's degree they can expect the school to offer a variety of general studies courses. These could include classes in economics, constitutional law, sociology, American government, history of politics, policy and international relations, as well as basic education classes. More specifically, a class in Comparative Politics class will compare the government systems of different societies and theories of comparative politics. The focus is on globalization and ideology of economic development.

A course in Political Philosophy studies the major philosophers and how their different philosophies work in modern society. Philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato are studied. This course also looks at human rights and global justice.

These interesting and in-depth courses broaden a student's concept and viewpoint of the world, while offering exciting insights in how our government really works. Political Science colleges generally offer 4-year programs for a bachelor's degree.

A master's degree can usually be completed in two years. Coursework would include studies in political theory, political advocacy, and systems of government. The master's degree student would probably have to write an in-depth thesis as part of graduating requirements.

Political science students usually have the opportunity to conduct field surveys and participate in internship programs. They will be exposed to how political elections work and how governments collect data on all aspects of the political and electoral arena.

The most exciting aspect of attending a political science college is that students learn to think on a more critical level as they participate in discussions and debates with fellow students and professors. What a great opportunity the student has to help shape public policy and influence government decision making. Many students in political science degree programs, especially at the master's degree level, actually perform real research for major think-tanks and organizations.

Top Political Science Schools
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