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liberal arts schoolsAre you interested in obtaining a degree in liberal arts? Perhaps you should be. A liberal arts degree is a powerful asset to have. It opens doors to both careers after college and to the world of graduate education.

Many degrees that are commonly offered are designed with a professional slant in mind. Accounting degrees prepare individuals to become accountants, nursing degrees prepare students to go into nursing, however, a liberal arts degree is designed with a completely different goal in mind. Instead of teaching students a specific skill or profession, a liberal arts education is intended to teach students how to think. It imparts upon them a new way of looking at the world around them. It instills in them a curiosity that makes them ask questions and examine issues through a much more critical lens.

What does a liberal arts degree actually teach? Well that depends on the interests of the student. A liberal arts degree is a major that is taken in a humanity, social science, or natural science. This means that a liberal arts degree means that someone is possibly a physics major, or a political science major, or even a French major. A liberal arts degree does teach a prescribed body of knowledge, just not one that is pre-professional in nature.

A liberal arts degree is incredibly marketable. Employers generally appreciate a student's ability to think more than any prescribed skill set. The ability to learn and understand demonstrates to employers the ability to grow and learn.

A liberal arts degree also lends itself quite well to further study. It is the first step in a career in academia. It is also highly valued in professional school admissions.

So, if you are considering earning your bachelors degree, consider the benefits of a liberal arts education.

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