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Criminal Investigation Schools

Are you interested in obtaining a degree in criminal investigations? Have you ever watched a TV show about crime solving and wished you could do that for a living? Real criminal investigators are trained specialists who assist police with their investigations. If you're interested in criminal investigation schools, read on to find out more about the exciting careers a degree can offer!

Why go to criminal investigation school?

criminal investigation schoolsCriminal justice careers are stable, respected, and in high demand. If you enjoy solving puzzles, working on a team, or helping others then you may enjoy working in criminal investigation. Degrees from criminal investigation colleges are affordable -- often much more affordable than traditional higher education paths. You will also get to work closely with trained instructors who will help you build real-world job skills that you can immediately begin using as a criminal investigator; other degree programs may lack the individual attention that these programs are able to offer.

What will I learn in criminal investigation school?

Criminal investigators may specialize in fingerprint analysis, blood sampling, DNA testing, evidence gathering, interviewing, criminal profiling, and much more! Receiving special training in these areas will look great on a resume. You will learn skills that are in high demand in law enforcement, which will make you a valued team member from the moment you are hired. Police departments across the country are looking for trained specialists with degrees in criminal justice because they know what you learn in a degree program is valuable!

What courses will I take?

What you study will depend on the specific program and your individual interests, but criminal investigation schools train students in the basic methodology of police work. You will take courses that prepare you to gather evidence, develop theories about criminal motives, interview suspects, testify before juries, and much more. If you choose to specialize in one area you may take additional courses to prepare you for the challenges of that particular role.

What skills will I acquire?

Criminal investigation colleges give students the skills they need to be successful members of law enforcement. This involves specialized knowledge about criminology and police methods, as well as more general skills related to critical thinking and problem solving. Criminal investigators are trained to think analytically, be observant, test new theories, and help solve difficult problems. You will be constantly working with others, which will improve your teamwork and leadership skills.

Where can I find criminal investigation schools?

Everywhere! Jobs in law enforcement are expanding rapidly and criminal investigation colleges have grown to meet demand. With campuses across the country and online, finding a convenient location has never been easier. You may not even need to leave home to get your degree!

Top Criminal Investigation Schools
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