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Court Reporting Schools

court reporting schoolsCourt reporting is one of the lesser-known but important aspects of court proceedings. A court reporter's duty is to record everything that is said during court so that this information can be referenced later. Court reporters can make anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 a year based on how many skills and certifications they have.

Are you interested in becoming a court reporter? If you are, there are specialized court reporting schools you can attend. These schools often offer a 24-month associate's degree which will prepare you for the courtroom, or you can choose longer courses that offer more in-depth training.

At court reporting schools, you will learn the basics needed for your job as a court reporter. This includes shorthand, which is a method of writing that shortens words based on their sounds; in this way you will be able to keep up with what is being said in the courtroom in real time. Court reporting colleges also involve a lot of practice typing, so that you can increase your words per minute. This is important since words per minute is a measure that is used to test your skills as a reporter when you are trying for more certifications. You will also study English so that you will be able to create professional transcripts with no grammatical mistakes, and you will take classes in more specialized fields of language, such as business or medical jargon, so that you can understand all that is being said from witnesses in court.

Students who attend court reporting colleges will start at the basic level necessary to attend court, and then it is up to the individual students to decide what additional qualifications they want. Students who graduate from court reporting schools will be Certified Court Reporters, but they can choose then to receive more certifications such as Registered Professional Reporter, Certified Verbatim Reporter, or Certified Real-time Reporter, all of which will qualify court reporters for specialized courtroom jobs and more pay. These certifications all require the reporter to pass special tests; of course, court reporting colleges will prepare students for these tests.

Are you interested in obtaining a degree in court reporting? There are plenty of schools for court reporters that accept both traditional and non-traditional students, regardless of prior background or expertise. If you are interested in acquiring a court reporting certificate, check out different schools and find the one that is right for you!

Top Court Reporting Schools
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