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Early Childhood Education Schools

There are many early childhood education schools that offer a rigorous program of training in educating the young child. These schools offer the student a well-rounded overview of early childhood education principles and practices. Attending an early childhood education school is the first step in a career in the elementary education, child care or literacy field.

The degree in early childhood education encompasses a wide range of functional areas. The student is offered a traditional liberal arts education, with focus and emphasis on the skills and competencies needed to educate young children from birth to age six. Early childhood education colleges offer courses that assist in the teaching of language and literacy such as reading, literacy, language and phoneme awareness. In addition, students will take courses in psychology, sociology and child development. Specialized courses such as dealing with gifted children or those with disabilities are also helpful in learning more about early childhood education.

early childhood education schools

Early childhood education colleges often offer the associates degree which can be earned in as little as 18 months. This is most often sought after for students seeking careers in daycare and other childcare settings. For those looking for a more comprehensive program, there are many early childhood education schools that offer the bachelor of arts degree in early childhood education. These programs prepare students for a career in education that includes certified teaching at the elementary school level.

The student working toward a degree in early childhood education will also learn curriculum planning. In these courses of study, the student will learn how to create a lesson plan, what competencies and standards will be covered and how to deliver lessons to learners of all types. Creating a curriculum with corresponding lesson plan is an important skill that is covered in the arena of early childhood education. These courses cover all of the bases in teaching young children, from how to conduct circle time to introducing language to children and preparing the preschool child for the ultimate task of reading.

Finally, early childhood education degree programs offer hands-on experience in classroom learning and training. These practicum and internships allow the student to be immersed in the classroom experience and gain firsthand knowledge of the process of teaching young students. Most schools require a set amount of in-class hours for the completion of the degree. Students also have the option of taking on independent job shadowing projects and activities.

Are you interested in a degree or specialization in early childhood education? Are you seeking a new career or a career change in an in-demand and rewarding field? The childcare industry is booming despite the economy, and with the introduction of new educational technologies, there is a wealth of new information available. There are many schools that offer this program. Take care in selecting the program that best fits your educational goals. While most schools offer the same basic curriculum, finding one that offers specialized courses such as gifted education, special education and bilingual instruction may take more research.

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