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Baking and Pastry Schools

Are you looking for a fun and rewarding career that also pays well? Have you always enjoyed cooking and baking? Then pursuing a degree in baking and pastry making may be the career choice that will let you grow as a person as well as provide for you and your family's financial needs.

Why go to a Baking and Pastry Making School?

Everyone loves to eat. Don�t you love the feeling you get when you�ve made a special dinner or dessert for a loved one and you see that they truly enjoyed it? If you choose to study baking and pastry making, you will experience that feeling on a daily basis for many satisfied clients. You will learn traditional as well as modern baking and pastry making techniques.

After obtaining your degree, you'll find that not only is the job rewarding, but it is also well paid. According to the website swz.salary.com, the average annual US wage for an Executive Pastry Chef can run from $54,642 to $143,293.

What will I learn at a Baking and Pastry Making School?

If you choose to pursue this interesting and exciting career, you'll learn about baking techniques from all over the world. You will learn to make many different types of traditional and specialty breads, pastries and desserts as well as confectionary techniques. You�ll explore the basics of cooking and learn important nutritional information.

Your education will include how to maintain proper food safety, how to budget while still producing delicious pastries and baked goods and how to plan balanced menus.

You'll acquire real world knowledge about what to do after you have earned your degree, such as marketing, in order to make your baking and pastry goods a success in today�s competitive world. You'll be taught to use computer systems and programs to keep your business organized and moving forward.

People skills are important in any career you may pursue and this is especially so in a restaurant or bakery setting. A baking and pastry making degree would not be complete without studying interpersonal communications, ethics and basic human psychology. Instruction on management skills is also part of the curriculum.

How Long Does it Take to Acquire a Degree in Baking and Pastry Making?

How long it takes to acquire a degree in baking and pastry making depends on the type of a degree you're pursuing, and the time you are willing to put into it. If you�d like basic knowledge of the trade, some certificates can be acquired in as little as nine months. A two-year associates degree will give you more knowledge about French pastry and other skills, and a four-year bachelors degree will teach you about restaurant management.

So what are you waiting for? Find a Baking and Pastry making school near you and start this exciting career today!

Top Baking and Pastry Schools
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