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Advertising Schools

Does the idea of obtaining a degree in advertising sound interesting to you? The ever-growing world of advertising is the ultimate combination of creativity and business, and pursuing a degree from one of our nation's advertising schools can be the perfect choice for someone who is creative, energetic and thinks outside the box. Obtaining an undergraduate or advanced degree in advertising can open up a number of exciting career opportunities for a future that can be challenging, rewarding and fun.

Some programs offer two separate curriculums for studying either the business side of advertising or the creative side. Should you choose the business path, you will study such useful topics as how the strategic, budgetary and logistical aspects of an ad campaign are developed, how ad rates are negotiated and set and how clientele is managed, among other things. You will likely choose from among courses such as mass communications, economics, marketing, behavioral psychology, sociology, and business ethics. In addition to learning various aspects of advertising such as branding, communications strategies and ad campaign development, you will also learn to think nimbly and flexibly, as the business side of advertising is constantly changing. For example, until a few years ago no one had ever heard of digital billboards on which advertisements are frequently rotated on a giant screen. Taking courses in the business of advertising at one of our nation's advertising schools can help prepare you to tackle issues such as how advertising rates for new technologies are determined.

On the creative end of things, advertising colleges offer a variety of courses that will help you hone your artistic skills. You will likely take courses in subjects such as graphic design, typography, visual literacy, illustration, computer applications and copy writing. You will be encouraged to think independently and unconventionally as you stretch and develop your artistic potential. Students will also practice brainstorming, teamwork and problem solving. Programs at many advertising schools do not necessarily differentiate between the creative and business sides, and in these you can expect to be offered some combination of courses such as those mentioned above. Most programs emphasize creativity above all. The important thing is to find a program that's right for you and one that fits your individual talents, interests and goals.

Programs of study at advertising colleges and schools may also include opportunities for internships. Serving as an intern can give you invaluable real world experience working in a living, breathing ad agency. Make sure to research internship and job placement opportunities when evaluating advertising colleges. While an internship is not absolutely necessary, it can be very helpful.

If embarking upon a degree program in advertising sounds like it might be right for you, then there are many excellent programs across the country for you to check out. Whether it is a small specialized school or part of a large university, an advertising degree program can be a great experience for any student who is energetic, dedicated and creative.

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