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Accounting Schools

Are you interested in a career in accounting? Accounting schools prepare you for a career working with the finances of individuals, companies and the government. Students of accounting are taught to analyze the finances of groups and individuals then produce reports of their findings using accounting principles and software. Here are a few important things a prospective student needs to know about accounting schools.

Online or On Campus

Students have the choice of attending accredited online or on-campus accounting schools. There has been a surge of online schools in recent years where adults who have job and family obligations can still go to college and get a degree. Accounting schools are no exception. If a student prefers a classroom setting with an instructor and other students then attending a local campus is a better option.

Courses Taught in Accounting Schools

The main requirement for deciding to pursue an accounting degree is an aptitude and a liking for mathematics. Your other requirements are attention to detail, investigative skills and the ability to report those findings.

Typical courses taught at accounting schools can include:

Principles of Accounting I, II, III
Computerized Accounting
Spreadsheet and Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
Individual Tax Accounting
Payroll Accounting
Cost Accounting
Word Processing
Introduction to Microcomputers
Additional courses in mathematics.

In order to give the accounting student a well-rounded education, accounting schools offer course work in psychology, sociology, composition, humanities, finance, presentation skills and others.

A variety of management courses may be included in the curriculum. These courses prepare a student to advance as an accounting manager in his or her chosen field.

A student researching accounting schools will find that different schools have different requirements for entering an accounting program. Most accounting schools require a high school diploma or its equivalent and a minimum score on a math assessment test.

If the student's math score is not high enough to enter the accounting program immediately s/he has the option of taking math courses and pass them with a minimum grade requirement.

Accounting schools have trained men and women to become accountants working in business and government for hundreds of years. There will always be a need for accountants as long as financial reports are required to determine the financial health of an organization. Accounting is a career that can be lucrative as well as satisfying.

Top Accounting Schools
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