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Massage Therapy Schools

Massage therapy is a unique form of healing that has been around for many centuries. A vast array of programs at massage therapy schools are available for students to study. How does a student know which program is right for him or her?

Individuals interested in massage therapy should consider all their options before applying to any massage therapy colleges. With many massage therapy techniques available, options are virtually unlimited. Massage therapy schools offer students certificates, diplomas or degrees in this lucrative field. Also, many community training programs and seminars are available that offer training in massage. With the plethora of choices available, there will be no problem finding an ideal training program for each individual.

In traditional massage therapy colleges, students will study a vast array of subjects including anatomy, physiology, ethics and kinesiology. They will also partake in such hands-on training as deep-tissue massage, sports massage and Swedish massage. In advanced massage programs, students will learn more in-depth forms of massage. A few examples of the advanced massage programs are zero balancing, acupressure, reflexology, core energetics, structural integration, hot stone massage and lymphatic massage.

The field of massage is consistently growing, making competition a bit fierce. Therefore, it is imperative for individuals wanting a career in massage therapy to obtain a quality education in a qualified massage therapy college. Whether graduates choose to freelance or work in a public spa or health care facility, they will need proper training.

The variety of this unique healing therapy requires training in different areas. For example, individuals wanting to work in acupuncture clinics will need to learn such things as Chinese medical massage (tuina), acupressure and shiatsu. For individuals wanting to work in rehabilitation facilities, in-depth therapy techniques such as sports massage, cross fiber techniques and neuromuscular therapy are usually required. Students who want to work in natural-health oncology centers or geriatric centers will need to learn techniques such as lymphatic drainage and geriatric massage.

The length of training a student needs to undertake varies depending on the programs the student choose. However, typical massage therapy programs can take as little as several weeks of study. An added convenience is that many massage therapy programs offer classes in the evening and even weekends.

Students enrolled in massage therapy programs will have to complete the National Certification Examination successfully to obtain their certifications in massage therapy. While licensed or certified massage therapists often earn more than unlicensed or non-certified therapists, the career of a massage therapist can be quite rewarding, no matter what path is chosen.

In conclusion, massage therapy is a form of healing that has been in existence for many centuries. With a vast array of programs available, many massage therapy schools offer the ideal education for students. Training for this lucrative field varies depending upon each individual's needs or career objectives. However, within several weeks to several months of proper training, students will be well on their way to obtaining the education and career they desire.

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