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Cosmetology Schools

Have you been thinking about obtaining a degree in cosmetology? Cosmetology colleges offer flexible schedules and short programs, providing you with all the preparations needed to obtain a cosmetology license. Do you enjoy working with people, beautifying their hair, nails and makeup? If you answered yes, then this program could be the way to your perfect career.

What are Cosmetology Schools?

cosmetology schoolsCosmetology schools, also called cosmetology colleges, provide all the training needed to prepare for a successful career in cosmetology. Most cosmetology colleges and schools offer a broad range of education on different beauty aspects including hair stylist, makeup artist and nail technician. Some schools also include esthetician training. Are you interested in specializing in a certain field of cosmetology? A cosmetology program can prepare you with a well-rounded education along with training skills, which gives you the start in a specializing field.

What Will You Learn In Cosmetology School?

Cosmetology schools provide a wide variety of information including the history of cosmetology, hairstyling techniques, color theory, nail technology, makeup artistry, skin care and esthetics. Classes include textbook learning, lectures and hands-on training. The student begins by practicing on mannequins, advancing to performing these skills on people at the beauty school. This allows you to perfect what you have learned.

Obtaining Your Cosmetology License

Upon completing the course of training, you will earn your degree and be ready to obtain your license. Depending on your state's requirements, you will need to have completed a certain number of hours at an accredited cosmetology school and take an examination that is based on your knowledge and skills of cosmetology. Successfully passing the exam provides you with a license to practice cosmetology in your state.

Why Become a Cosmetologist?

Do you have an interest and a passion for working in the beauty field? Do you dream of having your own hair salon? Are you looking for a career where you can start working in less than one year and make good wages and tips? If this sounds like you, you're half-way there. Deciding what field to pursue is oftentimes the most difficult part of starting a new career or switching careers. Once you have decided on a cosmetology career, it simply takes enrolling in an accredited school and completing the program. A bright new future, working in a field you truly enjoy, is soon to be yours.

Take a look below at some of the top cosmetology schools in your area, learn what degree programs they offer and request more information to enroll today!

Top Cosmetology Schools
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