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Cosmetologist Schools

Are you interested in becoming a cosmetologist?

With all of the instant media of today, you never know when a picture will be snapped and posted on a popular networking site for everyone to see. With that being said, most people these days prefer to leave the house looking good. The best way to do this is to have a good start with a nicely maintained hairstyle, nails and makeup routine. As a cosmetologist, you not only create an image for clients but you also instruct them on how to maintain their look on a daily basis. Many people would be lost without the knowledgeable guidance of their cosmetologist and clients are willing to pay what it takes to get them looking great.

Who are your clients as a cosmetologist?

This is really up to the individual cosmetologist to decide. Depending on where you live in the United States and what type of work environment you are looking for, clientele can vary greatly. Do you want to work in a small, hometown feel type of salon where everyone knows each other? Or would you prefer to travel to movie sets and use your beauty skills on celebrities as they get ready to go on set or hit the town for the evening? Also consider whether you will do hair, makeup, nails or all three. You will have some clients you see weekly, some you only see once in a while or others (probably the celebrity) that will require you be on call day and night for all of their beauty needs.

Where do cosmetologists work?

Along with being able to set their own hours, cosmetologists have the ability to create their own lifestyle through their career as far as travel and job location. Landing a spa job can take a cosmetologists over seas or across the country. In this field, meeting so many people will lead to a major network of opportunities at the cosmetologists fingertips. The options of location really are endless.

What do cosmetologists earn?

The salary for cosmetologists is extremely wide ranging. It all depends on the aforementioned opportunities such as setting your own hours, job location and specific clientele. Speaking in general terms, a cosmetologist can expect to average at about $23,000 a year with a high of $43,000 a year. With that in mind, remember that not all clientele are created equal and that job situations differ, such as being on call for a certain celebrity that is willing to pay much more for services rendered.

How to become a cosmetologist?

Before obtaining your cosmetology license it is required that you attend one of many cosmetologist schools or cosmetologist colleges available. Upon graduation from an institution you will be ready to work with all of the necessary skills required to be successful. For those students just starting out or for people who are ready for a career change, the options of cosmetologist schools and cosmetologist colleges are manufactured to suit your schedule so that you may attend while maintaining your previous lifestyle.

Top Cosmetologist Schools
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