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Athletic Trainer Schools

Are you interested in becoming an Athletic Trainer?

The business of being an Athletic Trainer is diverse and rewarding. Not only does it give a sports lover the chance to be in the action of the game but it allows them to maintain the condition and well-being of athletes. These athletes can range from young children to those belonging to professional sports teams. Before, during and after the game, Athletic Trainers work alongside doctors to treat various injuries sustained by the athlete. The Trainer also guides the athlete in their goal of fitness by aiding in the proper diet of the sports player. There is some record-keeping to be done; the Athletic Trainer is responsible for maintaining current records for every athlete they treat as well as ordering supplies and equipment.

What type of Athletic Trainer position are you looking for?

In this field, the possibilities are endless. Do you want to travel for work? Or would you prefer a more stationary position? As an Athletic Trainer you are free to decide this for yourself. Working at a high school, college, or sports camp means that you will be at home every night. On the other hand, working for a professional sports team or organization will allow for frequent travel, causing a hotel on the road to be your temporary home. The traveling position also allows the opportunity for movement between teams if you have a goal of being promoted within your field, as professional teams generally have more than one Athletic Trainer. Of course, promotions can be found in going from a high school into a college level organization.

What will you be earning as an Athletic Trainer?

The median salary of an Athletic Trainer is $33,000 a year for various job locations such as high schools and colleges. Depending on experience and education, a trainer working for a professional team can earn upwards of $75,000. Along with the high salary that comes with working for a professional team, the Athletic Trainer can expect his or her reputation will precede them when attempting to obtain their next Athletic Training job.

What type of schooling is required to be an Athletic Trainer?

Before becoming accredited by the National Athletic Trainers Association, one must attend one of many athletic trainer schools or athletic trainer colleges available. This particular career requires the student to obtain a four-year athletic training degree from one of the many athletic trainer colleges. When researching athletic trainer schools, remember that not all schools are exactly the same and various schools have a wide array of options to fit anyone's busy schedule. The choice to become an Athletic Trainer is one that is full of options and room for growth beginning with the education and continuing once you are out on the field and in the locker room. This fast-paced career allows the Athletic Trainer to realize his or her goals and the chance to explore them fully as the options for job placement are plenty.

Top Athletic Trainer Schools
There are no top Athletic Trainer Schools available at this time.