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Aviation Schools

Are you interested in obtaining a degree in aviation? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly at 35,000 feet, direct a jumbo jet onto the runway, or coordinate all the air traffic at an airport? If you have, perhaps you would be interested in a career in aviation. Read to find out more about the excitement of getting your aviation degree!

Why go to aviation school?

Jobs in aviation require special training and certification. When you work with an airplane you are responsible for the lives of all passengers on board, whether you are flying the plane or fixing a small part of the engine -- that's a responsibility that takes an advanced degree, one that will set you apart from less qualified job seekers. You can gain access to these exciting, respected, high-demand jobs by attending aviation schools.

What will I learn in aviation school?

There are a variety of career paths within aviation, each with a different curriculum in aviation school. Pilots learn about flight dynamics, navigation, communications, and gain several hours of real cockpit flying experience. Maintenance crews receive specialized training for the aircraft they service, but all mechanics learn the basics of propeller or jet engines and aircraft maintenance. Ground crews are trained in airport logistics, resupplying between flights, caring for passengers, or directing air traffic. Aviation schools will ensure you learn everything you need to be successful in an aviation career, no matter with path interests you most.

What courses will I take?

Aviation colleges offer a wide selection of courses tailored to students' professional needs. Pilots may take flight instruction courses to help them fly the aircraft. Mechanics may take courses in engine repair, aircraft maintenance, or inspection safety. Ground crews take courses ranging from airline hospitality to air traffic control. No matter which area of aviation you are interested in, aviation colleges can prepare you for the demands of a job in aviation.

What skills will I acquire?

Aviation programs will give you the skills to succeed at a fast-paced, interesting job. You will learn how to handle the responsibility of safety for an entire airplane. You will build excellent teamwork skills as you work with many different people to keep aircraft maintained, inspected, and flying. You will practice communication and customer service skills as you learn how to handle airline customers' needs. All of these skills are in high demand in 21st century jobs, and an aviation degree will give you the skills to handle the challenges of this industry.

Where can I get my aviation degree?

Many degree programs are tied to airports so that students can get real experience flying and maintaining aircraft. With over 10,000 airports in the United States alone there is sure to be an aviation program near you!