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Automotive Technology Schools

Are you interested in obtaining a degree in Automotive Technology?
There are several automotive technology schools that provide students with all the knowledge and experience they will need to lead a successful career in the automotive field. These automotive technology schools can serve as your first step towards a new, stimulating, profitable career.

Why should I attend one of the automotive technology colleges?
Every year there are exciting advances in automotive technology. These advances can often be complex and can be confusing to a novice. Becoming a student will provide you with the extensive formal training needed to excel in the field. Proper education will enable you to hone your skills when working with vehicles as well as improve your chances at employment and promotion. You may even choose to start your own business with the skills you will learn.

What can I expect to learn?
automotive technology schoolsIndividuals that work in automotive technology maintain, repair, and inspect automobiles. They perform basic care maintenance and diagnose intricate problems and perform repairs. In order to be effective in the automotive technology field, you will have to learn all of these skills. You will receive hands-on training on a wide range of automotive technology skills. You will learn the aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair. You will become familiar with all the parts of a vehicle as well as what is required to keep them in proper working order.

There are also specialty automotive technology schools. One example is a technical institute that offers NASCAR specific training. This facility offers a complete automotive technology training program with added courses to prepare you for the special requirements of NASCAR. Some of those specialty courses would include training focused on fuel and ignition systems, electronics and diagnostic equipment, power trains, and NASCAR technology.

What courses will I take?
The courses at any one of the many automotive technology colleges will most likely be specified by the different automobile systems. They will usually combine both classroom instruction and hands-on exercises. One possibility would be a course in Auto Service which would include information on braking systems, suspension systems, shop safety practices, and engine operation. Another course you would likely take is Auto Electricity, where you would study accessory circuits and body systems, electrical units of measurement, batteries, and more. The courses will be set up to teach you the intricacies of automotive engine performance systems, fuel and emission control systems, power trains and brakes, ABS components, suspension and steering systems, and automotive heating and air conditioning systems. If you choose to attend a community college, you can also expect to take additional classes such as Math and English. Each course will give you the experience you need to gain an in-depth understanding of every system.

Top Automotive Technology Schools
There are no top Automotive Technology Schools available at this time.