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Interested in an IT career?

Students interested in an information technology career have a broad range of subcategories to study within the field. Information technology encompasses many different methods and areas of creating, storing, manipulating, and transmitting various forms of data. Computer hardware and software makes this practice possible, and the everyday use of Internet communication has its roots in information technology innovation. One of the first crucial steps to beginning an IT career is to narrow down the options for job roles that best fit individual student strengths and interests. These options include programming, software engineering, and information systems management. The rapid growth and pervasiveness of computer technology has changed and improved many different areas of everyday life; students with a strong interest in this technology are set to become future contributors to this area of innovation.

IT career

Computer programming makes up the nuts and bolts of creating the software that so many people use for a wide variety of tasks. Programmers are skilled problem solvers who are able to map what they want a new program to accomplish according to certain algorithms. They then write the coded instructions with a specific programming language. Successful programmers know several of these languages and are able to determine which one best fits a given project. An IT career in programming requires a four-year degree at the minimum. Many programmers also complete advanced degrees in order to progress in the field.

Software engineering is a related IT area. Engineers map out the architecture of a software package and preliminary ideas for its user interface. They also spend considerable time studying the needs, goals, and preferences of users in order to create software that meets these criteria. This analysis of the user market is vital to making a software brand competitive. Software engineers pass on this information to programmers so that the needed code can be written and tested. Since engineers do a good deal of troubleshooting a program during its development, they also need to have solid programming knowledge.

Prospective students interested in the business side of an information technology career could be good matches for a information systems management degree program. This career field involves overseeing technology projects, supervising teams of engineers and programmers, and consulting with executive management. Professionals in this area can also be responsible for implementing security plans to protect computer systems from third party intrusions. Most IT managers have Masters degrees with additional work experience in the field. Undergraduate courses of study combine fundamental business courses with computer technology courses in networking, programming, databases, and many other related topics.

An IT career is ideal for students who like developing new ways of doing things; technology development has been described as both an art and a science. An information technology career can be tailored to fit a range of interests related to the field, and opportunities are expected to keep growing.