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How To Become A Cosmetologist

As long as there are people with hair that are willing to pay someone to style it a certain way, there will be a need for cosmetologists. A cosmetologist is a person who provides beauty services to customers in their homes or in salons. These services include hair care, nail care, skin care, and other services designed to meet the personal appearance needs of the client. Cosmetologists can also give advice on how to maintain a beautiful appearance.

So how do you become a cosmetologist?

The specific requirements vary from state to state, but every state requires that a cosmetologist holds a license from an accredited institution. Courses in cosmetology are usually offered at community colleges or beauty schools. The classes are usually about nine months long. If there is an area that you wish to specialize in, be sure and take classes that relate to that area. Also, it will prove beneficial if you take classes in fashion and business. They will help you provide for the customer and boost your business. Knowing about the latest trends will help you meet customer's ends more effectively. Business classes will help you manage your own business and become more effective in sales.

After graduating with your cosmetology degree, you must obtain certification by the state through the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). A licensing exam is given by the state which you must pass. This exam includes written and practical tests.

After passing the exam and obtaining your license, become an apprentice for a cosmetologist that is already established. Through this apprenticeship, you will learn the daily activities of a cosmetologist. This way, you will know what to expect when you set up your own shop. There are some schools that have practice salons which allow you to interact with the public as an established cosmetologist would.

Remember, any up-and-coming business will start out small. There are places that allow you rent booth spaces to work in when you start out. The average income for a beginning cosmetologist is about $19,800 a year. However, that harder you work, the more you can make. As you build up a reputation and a more promising client base, it is time to strike out on your own by opening your own salon. Remember, being a cosmetologist not only means giving your clients great service, but also selling them products. By selling products in your salon, you will increase your revenue beyond service fees.

Cosmetology, like any job, requires hard work and dedication. If you have both the drive and the willingness to work hard, you can earn a great living doing what you love.