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Getting Into College Tips

  • What college is right for me?

    Choosing the right college is a major decision. You must do your research to consider all options before making this important decision.

  • The Biggest Mistakes Students Make When Applying to College

    Remember these quick college application tips that will help you avoid some of the biggest college application mistakes students often make.

  • How Many Schools Should I Apply To?

    Ever wonder how many schools you should apply to? Quality is more important than quantity. Learn the secrets to the college selection process.

  • Ten Great Reasons to Get a College Degree

    Motivating yourself to get a college degree can be difficult, but there's a lot of reasons to get a degree that you may not already know.

  • Are College Rankings Still Important?

    Should college rankings factor into your decision to attend a college? Turns out most college students don't consider it important anymore, here's why.

  • Why Should I Go to College?

    Are you unsure about going to college and getting a degree? Don't make excuses, get your life on the right path with our top 10 reasons why you should find a university and plan for college.

  • Preparing for College

    Helpful resources to help you prepare for college. Need help selecting a college, finding college requirements and then applying to your favorite college? Check this out.