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The Best Careers With Job Security

While there are currently no guarantees in today's job market, finding a career with staying power is now more important than ever. Entering into the masses looking for a career can be daunting, but with a solid degree and an established direction for a career, potential employees can give themselves the best chance that their first choice will be the right choice for them. Here is a look at a few careers with job security that offer competitive pay and great staying power.

best careers with job security

The medical field remains one of the highest paid and most sought after industries in terms of careers. A view that many students and potential employees hold is that medical jobs require massive amounts of schooling and scientific expertise. While this is definitely true for doctors and surgeons, there are dozens of other specialties that can be entered into with far less daunting pre-requisites and many of the same benefits. Registered nurses generally require a bachelor's with some credentialed training and have many fields in which to specialize. From Certified Nursing Assistants to Licensed Practical Nurses, this field has enjoyed amazing stability, even throughout financial depressions. Along these same lines, the medical assistant position is a perfect entry-level job in the medical sector as they carry out the important daily tasks in a health-care facility.

Financial advisors and other business and marketing majors have remained in constant demand, even during market slumps. In the fields of business and economy, there is a wide array of high-paying jobs with great benefits and job security. Prospective employees should be sure to carefully inspect the company in which they are interested to be positive that company has an established record of high employment rates and remains lucrative in any market. Every branch of the government relies on economists, market analysts, and financial advisors as well and can be a great alternative to a private company.

The government also provides tens of thousands of jobs to teachers and professors. While there has recently been a hiring slump for grade school teachers, compared to the rest of the job market the academic field remains very stable in spite of well-publicized layoffs. The benefits of working in this field may also extend to great medical coverage and retirement plans.

While careers with job security may be highly sought after, a little foresight can pay off in the end. It is important to inspect all prospective jobs carefully and keep a close eye on long term hiring trends and changes to the market.