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Ten Great Reasons to Get a College Degree

Why Get a Degree?

You've probably heard that before from your friends and colleagues. College can be expensive, difficult, and time consuming. Many are tempted to quit, or never start. It's true getting a degree can be overwhelming, but earning a degree is one of the best things you can do for yourself, as there are many great reasons to get a college degree.

reasons to get a degree

1. You'll be much more desirable to employers.

In today's market, a degree is more valuable than ever. Having a degree is necessary when applying for many jobs, and most employers expect their employees to be college graduates.

2. You'll make lifelong connections.

The people you'll meet in college are on the path to creating their own successful futures. This can open the door to job opportunities, investment options, and wonderful friendships that will serve you for your entire life.

3. You'll have more opportunities available to you.

With a degree, you'll have many more careers to choose from, which will give you more freedom. You'll also stand out from others as promotable, increasing your career success.

4. You'll discover more possibilities for your future.

While in college, you might find there's a subject you'd like to pursue; this might lead you to graduate school, or to a career path you didn't realize you were interested in.

5. You'll make considerably more money.

Having a degree dramatically increases your earning potential. Some estimates put lifetime earnings at one million dollars more for those with bachelor's degrees compared to high school diplomas.

6. You'll develop critical thinking skills.

In college, you'll learn to think more consciously. In-class debates and assignments will expose you to new ideas, and will teach you lessons that will last a lifetime. Apart from being a wise career move, college can be a huge step in personal growth.

7. You'll have more control over your life.

With a college degree, you'll be able to choose from more career paths, cities to live in, and specializations. This will allow you to live a life that is more personalized than if you only had a high school diploma.

8. You'll be in a position to have an impact on the world.

Going to college creates awareness about issues, which you might find interest you. Positions that can offer help to others typically require a considerable amount of college, which offers you valuable, professional training.

9. You'll hold up better during recessions.

Having a degree makes you more likely to maintain employment during a recession. Even if you lose your job, those with college educations are more likely to be picked up by new employers.

10. You'll achieve a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Earning your college degree creates a powerful sense of personal pride. You'll always be satisfied with what you've accomplished, and it will offer a great self-esteem boost.

That answers the question of "why get a degree?" The benefits of having one should outweigh any doubts or fears you may have, so next time you feel like college is more work than it's worth, remember these great reasons to follow through, and change your life for the better with a college degree.