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Game Design Schools

From first person shooter games to children's video games to music-oriented games, video games literally saturate today's world. There are even games that have physical fitness themes to them. The gaming industry has had an enormous success rate from its early start in the 1970s. It is for this reason that many people choose to pursue training in video game design schools.

game design schoolsThe people, behind this success, are those dedicated professionals of the video game design industry. These people have turned their passion of games into an exciting career. There is a vast array of video game design colleges, for people to choose from, that offer individuals the proper training they need to turn their love of video games into the careers of their dreams.

Presently, there are more than 250 accredited video game colleges that offer training in video game design. Accreditation is essential when considering which school to attend, as it will ensure that the education students receive is widely accepted by the professional world. Accreditation means that the video game design schools can issue degrees and diplomas in the field.

Training, provided by video game design colleges, prepare students for the professional world of game design. Courses teach people how to develop video games in a broad variety of areas. Some of the classes that people will have to take when studying for game design include such things as general education courses, physics of animation, game design processes, level design, interface design and game engines and production. Most students work towards earning a bachelor's degree, which requires at least 180 hours of training.

Prospective designers will learn to undertake a project by first creating a concept. They will then learn how to place the concept into a design document, which is the foundation of the overall program. They will also learn how to help in the concepts of prototyping, stories, characters and settings for various games.

With the constantly-growing gaming industry, demand for qualified video game designers is extremely high. Employers pay these designers based on their level of training and experience. Recent graduates, with less than three years of experience, will typically make approximately $46,000 per year. After designers gain anywhere from three to six years of experience, they will then make about $56,000 per year; and those designers who have gained more than six years of experience can often make as much as $70,000 per year.

In conclusion, with today's enormous success rate of the gaming industry, working as game designers is a perfect choice for an exciting and profitable career. Obtaining an education from accredited video game design schools will ensure students that they will receive the best education possible, to turn their passion for video games into a career of their dreams.

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