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Animator Schools

It is often hard, as one approaches life, to know your true interest or passions, especially when it seems there is little hope to be able to make it financially and follow your dreams. How about a career as an animator? Unrealistic? Not a chance! The truth is: where there's a will there is a way, especially when you look in the right places. This is a fantastic place to start. The opportunities available to students looking for animator schools to get an education and certification in an exciting and promising career are countless. If you think it's too late for you, you've got it wrong; it's never too late. As a matter of fact, now is the perfect time to start. Spice up your life with something new that you will love; becoming an animator could be just the thing, and animator colleges are waiting for you now.

Why an animator? The animation tradition is one that has been very important to the entertainment and development of society since the early 1900's. Hand-drawn animators draw a story frame-by-frame, doing the job of a full film crew in their minds. Minds that can see the world differently and share those ideas have long been loved for this service. These days, computerized animation and 3D animators are also a growing demand because of the new traditions of animation.

Do you like working with other people? Getting a position as a studio animator provides stability as well as an endless opportunity to work with others creating new worlds and beloved characters. There are many different animators needed to make a fully animated film come together, so studios are always looking. Character Animators are the most well known, responsible for developing the famous personalities society comes to know and love. Special Effects Animators illustrate everything that isn't a character. "In-betweeners" and "clean-up" artists replicate and edit frames for consistency and clarity. Often these last two are positions acquired by beginners, and this could be you! These positions allow beginners to study and practice under masters of the craft and soon advance to full animator status. In the world of Computer Animation, specialists are needed in areas such as lighting, movement, camera angles, textiles, and more.

Beginning salaries for animators vary: cartoonists average about $46,000 per year, but can be as high as $60,000, with opportunities for stability in studios and plenty of room to grow. In the world of animation you rise as high as you want to; many animators can even become directors of feature length films and win awards for their work and vision.

But it all starts with an education. Animator Colleges are now admitting and offer exceptional educations and opportunities for aspiring animators. In seeking a degree animators will learn the theoretical, the ideas and philosophies of story and character psychology, the elements of visual art: lighting, angles, color, texture, and the practical, how to make it happen and develop your skills. This could be the perfect education and career for you. Start now and find the animator schools that are waiting for you.

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