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Animation Schools

Are you interested in earning your degree in animation?

There are many animation schools in the United States that can allow you to pursue your dream of drawing, making computer graphics, and coming up with the creative concepts behind animation for cartoons, video games, computer programs, and advertisements. A degree from one of these animation colleges will help you learn the necessary skills to succeed, get useful hands-on experience in both design and production, and make valuable professional contacts to help get your name out there in the industry.

What types of animation do you prefer?

Since animation has become such a specialized field, courses at animation schools allow you to indulge your interests. You'll learn about anatomy, color theory, and physics in your core courses, which include classes such as Life Drawing and Shading and Lighting. Motion Capture Studio classes will help you learn the basics of computer animation based on motion capture technology, where you will learn how to set up sensors and suits to get lifelike representations of movement, and how to use these movements in computer animation and incorporate movement lessons into other forms of animation. You will also be able to take classes in your area of interest, whether that is fine arts, special effects, computer modeling, or claymation.

Would you like to put together your own project?

In addition to classwork that integrates learning theory with practical experience and refining your animation techniques, many computer animation schools will also allow you to put together a project that showcases your abilities and learning. You'll learn to make concept art and make storyboards to plan out a plot for your project, create content based on your specialty, whether that is 3-D modeling, textured computer graphics, particle-based special effects and natural phenomena, or hand-drawn animation. Then you'll have the opportunity to put these together to create your own demo reel, which can prove to be a valuable asset to your portfolio.

What other benefits would I receive from animation colleges?

You'll have a great knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of art, design, and animation from your courses at one of these computer animation colleges, which you can use for your own enjoyment and to find employment. You'll also learn how to work under industry-style conditions and use equipment that is of industry standards, as well as become familiar with working on projects both on your own and in groups. Additionally, many schools can help you find internships and make contacts inside the industry so that you'll be able to put these skills to good use after graduation.

If you have a passion for art and wish to make your work come alive, then animation could be the perfect field for you. Browse the country's top animation schools below.

Top Animation Schools
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